The firm

The firm

“CORTE DI BRIGNANO” salami producer takes its origin from Gianfranco Giani’s love for gastronomic high quality that he inherited from his family, since time immemorial fond of good food and activities relevant to this field, and from the passion for Curone Valley, his native homeland.

Since the time he was a child, he fervently shared pig processing in his family big cellar; he carefully followed all the “empirical” seasoning phases. When in the year 2000 an old family house needed to be restored at the centre of Brignano Frascata, the presence of a cellar dating back to the XVII century and the insistence of some of Giani’s salami enthusiasts made of this reconstruction the creation of a “salami production facility”. The aim was mainly to leave local house typical features untouched, both internally and externally – such as the use of stones, earthenware, typical Ligurian shutters and colours – as well as the renowned cellar.

In addition, we also tried to create a laboratory inside it putting together most modern technologies and old tradition, to exploit the extraordinary microclimate of this valley without changing product natural rhythms. Drying and pre-seasoning chambers are therefore connected to the outside, to ensure constant air changes, while the programmes regulating different room activity aim to control that seasoning takes place slowly and that natural moulds are preserved.

The selection of small Padan plain breeding herds was then made in order to ensure heavy pigs, more than 200 kg, of more than 1 year of age. Processing is manual: meat cleaning, mix casing, putting into sausage and traditional mesh sausage binding. The seasoning period needs great attention; the technical help is important, but daily sensory assessment is essential.

Modern technologies and old tradition